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Appliance selection is an important part of a well-done kitchen remodel and is an area where bad choices may be costly. Prior to making any selections, become familiar with the size and shape of the room and keep proportion in mind. Small spaces won’t do well with large appliances and vice versa. Keeping pieces size-appropriate will be aesthetically pleasing and will make sure all the pieces come together correctly. To accomplish this necessity, most manufacturers will provide standard size pieces as well as smaller and larger options.

Kitchen cabinets sizes and dimensions of countertops and appliances cause remodelers, house flippers, and homeowners tons of time and trouble.Below you will find the most common kitchen cabinets sizes, countertop depths and standard appliance dimensions to help you plan your new space.

1. Standard Dimensions Of Kitchen Appliances :

The dimensions of appliances used for residential purposes almost around the world are in the range shown below. These appliance dimensions and kitchen cabinets sizes, will be useful for planning purposes, but you should obtain actual measurements before starting kitchen design or cabinet construction. Most appliances are made to fit below a 24″ deep countertop.

Appliance Dimensions Are In(Height x Width x Depth) :

Cooktop : 2- 3″ 12-48″ 18-22″

Dishwasher : 33-35″ 23-24″ 23-26″

Microwave : 13-18″ 21-23″ 14-22″

Range, floor model : 35-36″ 19-40″ 24-26″

Range, w/ upper oven : 61-68″ 30-40″ 25-28″

Range, drop-in : 23-24″ 23-24″ 22-25″

Range hood : 5-8″ 24-72″ 12-72″

Refrigerator : 55-69″ 24-36″ 26-33″

Trash Compactor : 33-35″ 12-15″ 18-24″

Wall oven, single : 23-25″ 21-24″ 21-23″

Wall oven, double : 39-50″ 21-24″ 21-23″

Wall oven with broiler : 38-40″ 21-24″ 21-23″

2. Standard Dimensions Of  Wall Kitchen Cabinets :

Depth (25″ deep countertop) 12-1/4″
Depth (30″ deep countertop) 15″
Height with full soffit 30″
Height with no soffit 42″
Height of cabinet above countertop 18″
Height of cabinet above stove top 24″
Height of highest shelf 60″-68″
Width to match base cabinet

3. Standard Dimensions Of Kitchen Countertops :

Countertop height 36″
Counter length per person 21″
Depth (one-sided seating) 15″
Depth (two-sided seating) 30″ min
For the physically challenged:
Countertop height 31″
Under counter access width 30″
Under counter access height 29-1/2″

4. Standard Dimensions Of Base Kitchen Cabinets :

Cabinet depth 24″
Countertop depth (1″ overlap) 25″
Height from floor to countertop 36″
Splashboard height 4″
Kickspace height 4″
Kickspace depth 3″
Depth of drawer above cabinet doors 4″

We hope that this provided information will definitely going to help you a lot during the kitchen remodeling or renovation task.


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